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Don't let the elite few have all the fun, experience the joy of art collection and investment with Open Art Market.

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Art as an investment

Access unique artworks

Our platform offers shares in curated selection of high-value artworks from renowned and emerging artists, that is hard to get.

  • kr 1 000 000

  • kr 75 000

  • kr 375 000

Art for enjoyment & collection

The joy of art collection

Learn about artists, artworks, styles and movements, appreciate them through shared investment, ownership and collection.

Art as an liquid asset

Get paid when artwork is sold

All coowners of artworks receive their fair share of the proceeds when it is sold, providing a potential return on investment.

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Art has been a store of value for centuries, it has been a way of preserving wealth through generations, and it has been a way to express emotions, culture and a way to tell stories.

Art, unlike other investments such as stocks and bonds, is not directly tied to the performance of the economy. The value of art is determined by factors such as the artist's reputation, the artwork's historical and cultural significance, and the artwork's potential for appreciation in value. These factors are not affected by inflation, meaning that the value of the artwork can remain stable even during times of high inflation.

Register and prepare for a unique and exciting way to preserve and grow wealth, and experience the future of art investment.

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