open art market

Art is the creative expression of mankind,
but only owned by a few.

While art is plentiful and everywhere, artworks that appreciate in value are scarce.

These scarce artworks are purchased through intermediaries, with hidden transactions, where neither the buyer nor the seller has a way of checking who got paid what.

The art market is a fascinating, sexy, intellectually compelling, unindexable, unregulated global market.
  • – Amy Cappellazzo, Chairman of the Fine Arts Division at Sotheby

Fine art investments are usually sold in one copy, and are too expensive for most people. For the lucky who can afford it - the cost of art - means they have one shot to get the investment right. This makes it hard for almost everyone to participate in a $50+ billion global market, a market that is not correlated with the rise and fall of value in stock exchanges around the world.

We believe this needs to change.

With immutable blockchains, a digital trust mechanism, and non-fungible tokens, the concept of having provable ownership for a piece of an artwork is available - we have the tools and technology to create a more transparent and open art market.

Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes.
Art is knowing which ones to keep.
  • – Scott Adams, Creator of Dilbert the comic

Open Art Market curates and evaluates artworks by many different artists, collaborating with seasoned curators, gallerists, organizational and private collectors to find artworks by artists that mark their time and culture.

Artworks acquired by Open Art Market are digitized, creating tradable fractions, allowing anyone to own a piece of a unique artwork. With ownership you get access to experience the artwork in rich media, curate your own collection and take part in the artworks future life and profits.

In the Open Art Market, anyone can own a piece of history.